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  From beginner to learning handle passes


We can also put together a Sailing-Kitesurfing weeks

What ever the weather conditions suit best we will go Kitesurfing

or Sailing with accommodation on board



Lance is BKSA Instructor .

He has extensive experience in the Kitesurfing Industry. 

He has been Kitesurfing for nearly

twenty years.




 Jeff is a Level 2 IKO and he has been Kitesurfing for nearly twenty years.

1 Day Kitesurfing Lessons

Course Duration: 6 hours total. Cost: 120€ 

The one day kitesurfing course is aimed at complete beginners and a great introduction to the sport. Initially learning the fundamentals and kite control whilst covering safety, site assessments, and kite set ups, then moving into the water for body dragging and self rescue techniques.The course is 90% practical and brilliant fun!!!

2 Day Kitesurfing Lessons

2 Day Kitesurfing Lessonsons

Course duration: 12 hours total.
Cost: 200€ (220€ weekends) 

The two day course is aimed at complete beginners with the 1st day the same as the 1 day lesson (above). The second day of this course goes on to cover more complex bodydragging techniques, board starts and continuous riding while keeping the power in the kite. 100% practical and great as a weekend break.

3 Day Kitesurfing Lessons

2 Day Kitesurfing Lessons

Course duration: 18 hours total 
Cost: 300€ (320€ weekends) 

The first two days of this course follow the same outline as the 1 and 2 day courses (above) and it then offers another full day on the board to really master the board start and go on to controlled edging, upwind riding and turns. If you’re keen to take up the sport we recommend the three day kitesurfing lesson as it gives the time to become confident and independent.



5 Day Kitesurfing Lessons5 Day Kitesurfing 

Course duration: 30 hours total
Cost: 500€

Our zero to hero course takes you from a complete beginner to a confident kitesurfer able to continue the sport independently. The first 3 days cover a similar syllabus to the 1, 2 and 3 day kitesurfing courses (above) with the following 2 days moving on to advanced equipment tuning, detailed theory, board control in various conditions, turns and basic jumps.

Board Control – Kitesurfing Lessons

Board Control Kitersurfing Lessons

Course duration: 5 hours
Cost: 100 € 

This course is aimed at kitesurfers that have already had some kitesurfing lessons such as a 2 or 3 day course and would like some more tuition to master their board starts and controlled riding. The lesson is 100% practical and the whole time is spent with the board.

Kitesurfing Coaching – Intermediate & Advanced

Kitesurfing Coaching Intermediate & Advanced

Course duration: 3-4 hours
Cost: 50€ per hour

As well as beginner courses we also offer more advanced coaching sessions. Have you ever found that you come back from a session having just cruised up and down without trying out anything new? With an experienced coach by your side to push you and impart their knowledge to aid your progression you will improve quicker than expected! We run both intermediate and advanced coaching


Private Tuiton

Course duration: Any length

Cost: 50 € per hour

Private lessons for any sport, have an instructor to yourself and learn at your own pace for maximum progression in the minimun amount of time

Contact us by emai
Or call us on 44 7789484742



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